PTO Bylaws

The bylaws may be amended as proposed by the board throughout the fiscal year. The bylaws shall be reviewed at least once but may not be considered for amendment at more than five (5) general meetings.

Teacher Funding Request

PTO’s Teacher Funding Request Form. Note: Submissions will be sent to the principal for approval before the PTO board will see them.

Reimbursement Form

Whenever possible, members are encouraged to have expenditures billed directly to the PTO. If a member must expend their own funds on behalf of the PTO, an itemized receipt indicating payment amount and method must be provided to the treasurer with a completed reimbursement form. After verifying that the expense is within budget, the treasurer will reimburse the expense via check.

Cash Counting Worksheet

Use this form to track and document any/all funds collected and/or received. Submit completed form to treasurer.